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We are Sweden's first platform for online coaching. We are passionate about human development and want to give everyone the opportunity to optimize their life reach their full potential.

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Our story

We want to democratize mental strength by offering online coaching with measurable effect. We have developed a platform to offer everyone their own personal coach, selected through our unique and individual matching process of client and coach.

The name Zebrain is inspired by three things that fascinate and inspire us:

— The first is a zebra flock's admirable instinct to protect a flock member in need of support. The flock protects their member by forming a circle around the weaker individual and remains that way until the zebra in question regains its energy. A behaviour to be inspired by, according to us!

— Our second fascination is the human brain and its fantastic ability to learn, develop and improve. There is amazing power in all of us, it's just a matter of finding the right tools required in order to unleash that potential.

— The last piece of the puzzle is our passion for building a zebra company. Concretely business-driven, profitable and socially beneficial. In short, you can say that zebra companies are both black and white. They are both profit-driven and purpose-driven.

Our coaches

We are proud to have several of Sweden's best coaches on our team. All our coaches are certified according to ICF (International Coach Federation) and are qualified with at least an ACC level degree, which means that they have coached a minimum of 100 hours.

Our coaches have been handpicked by us and are carefully selected, so that we can ensure quality and offer a number of different coaching specializations.

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