Aino Health and Zebrain sign cooperation agreement to reduce and prevent stress-related sick leave

2021-10-19 11:45


Healthtech company Zebrain launched Sweden’s first online coaching methodology and platform at the beginning of 2021. The issue of employee mental health and preventive care is at the top of Zebrain’s agenda. This aligns with Aino Health’s work on the entire value chain for occupational health and the related work environment.

The two software as a service (SaaS) companies see value in combining their data-driven service offerings to their customers to prevent and reduce stress in both the short term and long term. Since as much as 30% of the social cost of sick leave is stress-related*, the two companies see the opportunity to significantly reduce these costs together, while strengthening well-being and business. Zebrain complements Aino Health’s value proposition through its research-based approach and online coaching platform that reduces sick leave both faster and more efficiently. The collaboration also comes naturally when the companies target the same end customers.

“Zebrain’s coaches and research-based approach help managers and employees manage and minimize harmful stress, take on challenges, become mentally stronger and achieve their goals,” says Anna Bloth Karling, CEO of Zebrain.

“Our user data tentatively shows an increased mental balance (reduced negative stress) of an average of 24% within six weeks, even in cases where stress management has not been the primary focus. Employers often know who needs help to proactively or reactively deal with harmful stress, but often lack bandwidth to address the issue. Here we complement Aino Health’s existing offering from insight to action.”

Jyrki Eklund, CEO of Aino Health, adds, “Zebrain is a good addition to Aino Health’s comprehensive offer to companies and organizations to reduce sick leave. Employee well-being is an important factor in building successful organizations. With Zebrain we are now further strengthening our Health Manager platform with online coaching.”

The business magazine Chef (chief in Swedish) recently launched a report on sick leave that highlights the lack of ownership and leadership when it comes to the issue.** Through the collaboration with Aino Health and Zebrain, boards and management teams finally gain a data-driven ability to get closer to the problem where ROI is very, very strong.

About Aino Health: Aino Health is the leading provider of SaaS solutions in Corporate Health Management. The company’s complete system of SaaS platform and services reduces sick leave, lowers related costs and improves business performance through increased productivity and engagement of the organization’s employees as health, well-being and safety become an integral part of everyday work. Please visit




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