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Develop health and well-being

A person who needs to make health-related changes should see a health coach. A health coach will inspire healthier behaviour, support changes in current lifestyle, and provide new perspectives on what good health really is.

Reduce and prevent stress

When someone feels overwhelmed, depressed or under great pressure at work, a stress coach can help the person take back control of his or her life. A stress coach helps your employees prevent or relieve negative stress, identify and control triggers and teaches them how to manage stress.

Quickly get back to work

A rehab coach specialises in work-oriented rehabilitation and is suitable for people returning to work and who want to strengthen themselves as individuals.

The coach helps people redirect their energy positively and restore a sense of personal control in life. A rehab coach applies coaching strategies and principles based on a client’s specific and personal rehabilitation process.

Increase motivation in the organization

A mental coach specializes in the mental and psychological aspects of an achievement. The coach's role is to help a person get the best out of their inner life and to make their brain work for them, not against them.

Mental training strengthens people so that they can more easily handle tasks or unforeseen events, for example, and manage the stress that can come with them. The goal is to maximize a person’s own potential.

Develop your business and leadership

There are several different types of coaching for those who want to develop their organization and build strong leadership.

Through leadership coaching, your organization/company and its leaders get the opportunity to achieve and get better results more quickly.

A leadership coach helps the leader focus on goals, reflect and gain new perspectives on his or her role as manager/leader, manage difficult decisions, and build determination so that he or she creates the best conditions to establish strong leadership that produces concrete results.

A business coach focuses on coaching managers or business leaders in driving the development of the organization forward. Our platform and coach support and help the leader to stay focused, handle difficult decisions and strengthen perseverance to achieve the desired result. An executive coach helps the CEO or other senior manager improve their leadership skills, reach maximum capacity and streamline their organization. It also helps them to become more self-aware, identify and clarify their goals, and achieve their full potential.

Support career

Career coaching is suitable for employees who want to change their career path. The career coach helps employees find their motivation, strengths, and talents so that they can achieve their career goals.

Conversion and closure

Sometimes you have to make a change in your organization and go your separate ways with employees. With our transition coaches, you ensure that your employees have professional closure and that each employee affected leaves the company with new insights and as a good ambassador. This also strengthens your position as a good employer.

Transition coaches also help the employee/employees find their strengths and driving forces for their next challenges.

Build strong teams

A team coach helps your team maximise performance, capacity and well-being so you can work towards meaningful and common organizational goals. Team coaching unlocks the group's potential and improves collective intelligence.

A team coach can also help in conflicts that affect the work environment, employee well-being and the quality and efficiency of the business.

We also have agility coaches to help your organization lead individuals, groups and the organization itself through an organizational change.