How Zebrain works

How Zebrain works

A digital, efficient and measurable methodology that helps your employees and leaders to effectively translate their knowledge and driving forces for both their own and the business's benefit.


Behavioural analysis for accurate matching

With our behavioural analysis, our algorithms produce a person's unique behavioural profile based on fundamental behaviours that all people have but show very differently. The behavioural analysis is the basis for the unique match between coach and client.

Unique match between coach and client

Our proprietary algorithm uses our behavioural analysis and matches the employee with the right coach based on the employee’s behaviour profile, needs and relevant coaching area. This creates alignment in personal chemistry and goals for both employees and coaches, which leads to better and faster results.

Video meeting and chat with coach

All coaching takes place via video in the platform's own video application. There is also access to coach chat, a virtual whiteboard and more.

Individual exercises

Based on the employee's measurements and development, the platform automatically assigns personalised exercises for the employee to work on between coaching sessions. The exercises complement the coaching sessions so that the employee can get faster, more efficient, and better results, thus achieving their full potential.

Measuring development and progress

We measure untappled potential by looking at a person's current situation in relation to their goals and desired situation. Through continuous measurements, the employee receives feedback on their development while providing valuable information to the coach about the employee's needs and progress.

Unique method for powerful results

Our unique method consisting of behavioural analysis, matching algorithms, measuring individual potential, and personalized exercises is based on research in neuropsychology, coaching, behavioural science, and management.

Underlying our method are also many years of experience in coaching, behavioural change and practical work with employee development, corporations and organizations.

By digitizing the coaching process and combining it with proprietary algorithms, we deliver a unique methodology that makes a real difference and produces measurable results.