AI-Emma - Terms and conditions

AI-Emma, brought to you by Zebrain AB, is an advanced virtual guide that leverages the power of generative AI to facilitate dynamic and personalized human-computer interactions. By electing to use AI-Emma, you provide Zebrain AB with your express permission to process the information you disclose, which could potentially comprise highly sensitive data, if you choose to share it. This data handling process is primarily geared towards refining the AI’s capabilities and enhancing the product experience. Please note that data handling could occur outside the boundaries of the European Union.

Zebrain AB assumes full responsibility for the operation of AI-Emma and the management of personal data processed through its system. The principal objective of this research and data analysis is the continuous improvement of AI-Emma’s features and performance. The information processed is purely based on what you voluntarily provide via text input.

Your express permission serves as the legal foundation for Zebrain AB’s processing of your personal data through AI-Emma. AI-Emma’s suggestions and claims carry no legal or other substantial implications for the user. Therefore, they should not be perceived as automated decision-making under Article 22 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You are free to withdraw your permission at any time.To provide robust technical support for AI-Emma, Zebrain AB partners with Amazon Web Service (“AWS”) and OpenAI. Data handling agreements with both AWS and OpenAI have been formally established to ensure maximum security and compliance.

As a user, the power to decide what information you disclose to AI-Emma rests solely with you. We advise you to provide data that is directly relevant to your personal circumstances and the coaching context. Please abstain from divulging sensitive personal data such as health status, ethnic background, political, religious, or philosophical beliefs, pregnancy status, union membership, sexual orientation, or any defamatory or degrading information. Similarly, the disclosure of proprietary or confidential business information should be avoided. Any dissemination of such sensitive or confidential data is strongly discouraged, and Zebrain AB explicitly disclaims any responsibility for any potential consequences arising from such disclosures.

Users are expected to interact with AI-Emma in a respectful and responsible manner. Zebrain AB does not monitor the content of interactions on or through AI-Emma and is not accountable for any data generated, uploaded, stored, maintained, transmitted, or made available through the AI-Emma platform.

Zebrain AB retains the right to take appropriate action in the event of evidence that a user has violated statutory laws, third-party rights, or the stipulated conditions of use. These actions may include issuing warnings or suspending the user’s access to the AI-Emma service.