Zebrain bets on Labs – brings in Leg. the psychologist Martin Bellander

Zebrain bets on Labs – brings in Leg. the psychologist Martin Bellander

Senast uppdaterad: 12 december 2022

Today, the healthtech company Zebrain, a platform for employee development, announces that Martin Bellander is joining as the new Head of Zebrain Labs. Martin Bellander is a licensed psychologist and has worked clinically in psychiatry for several years and published several scientific articles on the subject. Zebrain Labs stands behind the research-based methodology in the platform that enables effective and qualitative employee development and prevents ill health, builds mental strength and success. As the new Head of Zebrain Labs, Martin Bellander will further develop and streamline how the programs are matched, used and measures development on an individual as well as a group level.

- My driving force is to understand, help and strengthen people to feel better mentally. I am impressed with Zebrain's platform and coaching program that has the potential to reach and build mental strength in many people. We know today that the vast majority of people do not use their full potential, especially at work, and it will be very rewarding to work on developing individuals' untapped strengths, says Martin Bellander, new Head of Zebrain Labs.

- When we started Zebrain, we knew that solid psychological knowledge, methodology, qualitative and highly certified coaching is the key to success. The fact that we can now connect with Martin Bellander is an important milestone for further developing Zebrain Labs, says Anna Bloth Karling, CEO and co-founder of Zebrain.

Zebrain's platform is structured in several steps where users initially undergo a behavioral analysis to obtain a unique behavioral profile. Step two is a current situation analysis to map untapped potential based on four cornerstones; Self-awareness - who am I and what do I want, Basic energy - how do I feel, Motivation - how motivated am I and finally Self-leadership - how do I succeed. Based on behavioral profile and current situation, users are matched with a tailored digital coaching program and a personal certified coach who supports the user to reach full potential.

- Zebrain's program is already very high quality and my role going forward will be to create an understanding of which components in the platform give the greatest effect and use that to help even more people reach more of their potential more efficiently. In the longer term, I hope we can establish research collaborations to further strengthen research on the effectiveness of coaching, continues Martin Bellander.

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