Zebrain in collaboration with VetFamily

Zebrain in collaboration with VetFamily

Senast uppdaterad: 12 december 2022

Today, Zebrain, the digital platform for employee development with coaching as a basis, announces that the company is starting a collaboration with VetFamily, the leading organization for independent veterinary clinics in Sweden.

Today, VetFamily represents around 300 veterinary clinics with thousands of employees who now, via Zebrain, get access to support to preventively strengthen well-being and tackle mental illness, stress and sick leave in the industry. Zebrain and VetFamily are initially part of a 1-year collaboration starting May 3 with the aim of training managers and encouraging employees to actively work to prevent ill health in the workplace.

As an effect of the pandemic, Swedes have acquired more pets than before and the load on the country's veterinary clinics has increased. A lack of competence and an increased workload has led to a gradually increasing ill health in the corps.

- Ill health has become an increasingly large problem within the veterinary industry and something we in the industry must work actively to counteract. In our industry, where many work in smaller clinics, a cost-effective digital coaching solution is a prerequisite. With the help of Zebrain's platform, we want to identify the untapped potential that exists in each individual as well as in the group, says Karin Ronander, CEO VetFamily.

Zebrain's digital platform is based on a research-based methodology based on four pillars that together constitute an individual's full potential. Via the platform, users get access to behavioral analysis and tools that measure current state and desired state. Together with a personal coach via video, which is matched via behavioral algorithms, the user works methodically to move closer to their desired position. Zebrain's methodology combined with the right coach has produced measurable results. After 3 months of use, 30% experience increased self-leadership, 40% reduced stress, 30% increased motivation and 4 out of 5 state that they sleep better.

- Working actively with preventive measures costs less for the individual, the group and the company. Further developing employees' potential leads to increased well-being, motivation, productivity and reduced stress. We started Zebrain to make coaching accessible to the many and we look forward to partnering with VetFamily to together make a difference in the veterinary industry, comments Anna Bloth Karling, CEO and co-founder of Zebrain

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