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A Swedish innovation!

The Nordic region's first platform for subscribing to potential

"Everyone should have the right to personal development and their own potential!"

Anna Bloth Karling, VD Zebrain

a dazzle of zebras

Our story

We democratise mental strength. We make coaching-based employee development available by offering subscriptions to potential that have measurable impact.

Our name Zebrain is born out of three things that fascinate and inspire us:

– The first is the Zebra herd’s instinct to protect a member in need of support. The herd makes a circle around the individual and then stays there until the zebra in question gets its energy back. A behaviour to be inspired by, we think.

– Our other fascination is the human brain and its amazing ability to learn, develop and improve. There's amazing power in all of us; it's just about finding the tools to unlock that potential.

– The final piece of the puzzle is our passion for building a zebra company. Concretely commercial, profitable and socially beneficial. In short, zebra companies are both black and white. They are both profit-driven and purpose-driven.

Teamet bakom Zebrain

anna bloth karling

Anna Bloth Karling, Founder, CEO & CPO


janne sandgren

Jan Sandgren, Founder & Head of Zebrain Labs


jessica huge

Jessica Huge, Founder & Head of Coaches


gustaf karling

Gustaf Karling, Founder & Chairman of the Board


therese claesson

Therese Claesson, User Success Manager


Håkan Djärv

Håkan Djärv, Tech Lead


Vendela Lenner

Vendela Lenner, Head of Digital Communications


Mounia Taijou

Mounia Taijou, Head of Sales and Marketing


mats bovin

Mats Bovin, Back End Developer


ryjen pears

Ryjen Pears, Front End Developer



Sigge, Head of Cuddles


kenneth åkerblom

Kenneth Åkerblom, Account Manager Sales


"Coaching should have an effect, and people should achieve results."

Jan Sandgren, Head of Zebrain Labs