A new, unique method and platform for coaches

A new, unique method and platform for coaches

Our unique method includes behavioural analysis, a proprietary algorithm for matching coach and client, measuring your clients' development and personalised exercises. Plus, you get a user-friendly platform that makes the job easy and smooth.

A new digital method that measures development and delivers results

As a coach with us, you get to work with a new, unique method that combines research with today’s technology. We train you on our digital platform and method so you can help your clients achieve their total potential.

Client matching

Our algorithms matches your profile with clients based on their behavioural analysis, needs, and desired development areas. The match creates accuracy in personal chemistry, expertise and goals, leading to better and faster results. Even before the first coaching meeting, you get a better understanding of your client, which creates reliability and trust in the process.

Measurement of client development

Your clients will continuously measure the development of their potential based on the starting point, current level and desired level. This way, you get digital analyses and measurable results on your clients’ progress, which gives you valuable and important information that you can use during your coaching meetings.

Individual client exercises

The client works with personalised exercises and powerful questions between your coaching meetings. The exercises are a complement to your coaching meetings and a tool for you as a coach.

The advantage is that your client has time to reflect and gain insights between your conversations and comes better prepared for your coaching meetings. You can use the results of the client’s exercises to start up and run your conversations, thus getting more efficient meetings, a faster development process and a better coaching results.

A modern coaching platform

On our digital platform, you can easily take care of everything you need to be able to do. All coaching takes place via Zebrain’s video client, payments are made automatically and you have access to, among other things, a chat and a virtual whiteboard. Here you can also easily manage your bookings, re-bookings and cancellations.

Booking system

Payment system



Video call




"I've been given an incredibly clear and measurable way of really seeing my clients' development. Absolutely brilliant!"

Paula Gullbing, Subscription Coach

The freedom to decide

As a coach, you decide when you are available through our booking system. Since all coaching takes place digitally via video meetings, you are not tied to a place but can work from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. You get flexible working hours, a variety of clients, and the opportunity to work in an innovative digital environment and on a unique platform.

Develop yourself

With us, you will not only develop your clients. We are convinced that you will personally develop as a coach by taking part in and working with the Zebrain method.

Would you like to be one of us?

Are you a certified coach at the ACC level or higher? Do you want to expand your business in a new and unique digital platform? Are you passionate about heping people grow and reach their full potential?

If the answer is yes, you’re going to be one of us.

You can choose between joining as a full-fledged Zebrain coach or using only the Zebrain Inside platform.


As a coach, you receive clients from Zebrain.

A complete and modern administrative tool.

Digital booking system.

Zebrain's video solution and client chat.

Measurement and follow-up of your clients' development.

Behavioural analysis.


A complete and modern administrative tool.

Price and plan your own coaching sessions.

Digital booking system with unique license code for your own clients.

Zebrain's video solution and client chat.

Measurement and follow-up of your clients' development.

Behavioural analysis.