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Welcome to the Nordic region’s first platform for subscribing to potential. A digital, effective and measurable method for people development, based on coaching.

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How it works

behavior analysis

Behavioural analysis

Behavioural analysis that brings out each person’s individual behavioural profile.

unique matching algorithm

Unique algorithm that matches coach and client.

Individuals are uniquely matched with the right coach for them.

your potential

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Coaching meetings, individual exercises and continuous measurement of progress.

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Investing in your employees results in*:

30 %

increased self-leadership

40 %

reduced stress

30 %

increased motivation

4 of 5

sleep 40% better

* Examples of customer results after an average of 3 months.

Why Zebrain

  • 01Method for potential

  • 02Self-awareness for success

  • 03Basic energy

  • 04Increase motivation

  • 05Self-leadership

  • 06Results for companies

A way to reach full potential

Unleashing and using untapped potential among employees increases profitability and results in more successful, motivated and higher-achieving employees and leaders.

Zebrain’s method identifies the employees who are falling short of their full potential. By working actively with coaching, individual exercises and continuous measurements of their progress, we help them reach their full potential.

We divide potential into four areas: Self-awareness, basic energy, motivation and self-leadership.

The result is motivated employees who have a sense of wellbeing and consistently perform at their best.

The basis for success

Self-awareness is the foundation of all development and success. It’s about knowing who you are and what you want. Considerable research has documented this as a crucial pillar of successful self-leadership.

Being aware of your strengths, the forces that drive you and what stands in your way is crucial both for individuals and for organisations. The more you know about what is important in your life, what you want to achieve, your strengths, and your limitations, the greater the probability of achieving your goals.

We improve your employees’ self-awareness, thereby strengthening the foundations of your company’s success.

Managing and minimizing stress

Basic energy is about handling and avoiding harmful stress in our lives. Stress is not harmful in itself, and our bodies are well equipped to deal with it – for short periods. But we also need rest and recovery every day to avoid the risk of damaging both our bodies and our mental capacity. By minimizing and reducing harmful stress, we feel better, have more energy, enjoy a more positive outlook on life and can focus better on our own development.

With Zebrain’s help, you can reduce stress in the organisation and get healthy employees who can perform better.

Zebrain increases employee motivation

Motivation is about what we need to feel willing and able to perform. You can feel motivation without its being followed by an achievement just as you can sometimes perform even when you don't really want to.

We distinguish between two types of motivational factors

• Extinguishing factors required to prevent us from being demotivated. They need to be handled to avoid dragging down our motivation.

• Ignition factors that increase our motivation the more we have of them.

Our method increases the motivation and commitment of your employees and leaders.

Self-leadership for better results

Working with self-awareness, basic energy and motivation through coaching enables your employees to effectively practice the fourth area: Self-leadership.

Self-leadership is the ability to move ourselves towards what is important to us. People who practice systematic self-leadership are more likely to perform better both privately and in the workplace.

Zebrain gives you more self-driven employees who achieve their goals and make an impact.

Effects and impact on companies

We measure, benchmark and follow up employees’ development compared to their total potential to reach agreed goals. We also give you concrete data on how each employee’s individual development makes an impact on the goals you have set.

In addition to valuable data on individual strengths, you also get information about development opportunities for the organisation as a whole.

The more employees who use the platform, the more data we can provide to enable your organisation to maximise employee potential.

Zebrain gives you measurable results on the investment you make in your employees.

"Zebrain gives us the opportunity to regularly and in an accessible way, let our employees grow as humans and as employees."

Tove Lindahl Greve, Secretary General Majblomman

blue seal of approval

Listed partner at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Zebrain is a listed partner for preventive care by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan). This means that an employer can receive a subsidy of up to 50% of the costs.

Are you interested and want to know more?

Read more on Försäkringskassan's website